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Turbo drive - Form activity indicators

Turbo drive is part of Hotwire which enhances page navigation. It handles link and form submissions and updates the page without doing a full page reload.

In this example, we look at how we can display form submission indicators by leveraging turbo-drive events.

When a form is submitted, Turbo Drive dispatches a series of events that target the


  1. turbo:submit-start

  2. turbo:before-fetch-request

  3. turbo:before-fetch-response

  4. turbo:submit-end

In this example, we are only interested in turbo:submit-start and turbo:submit-end events. In our form, we'll subscribe to these events and act when they are fired.

<%= form_with(
    model: product,
    url: product_path(product),
    data: {
      controller: :form,
      action: "turbo:submit-start->form#submitStart turbo:submit-end->form#submitEnd turbo:before-render@document->form#beforeRender"

  ) do |form| %>
    <%= form.label :available_on, class: "block" %>
    <%= form.date_field :created_at, oninput: "this.form.requestSubmit()" %>
  <div class="mt-3">
    <%= form.label :price, class: "block" %>
    <%= form.number_field :price, oninput: "this.form.requestSubmit()" %>
  <span data-form-target="hint" class="mt-3 text-green-400"></span>
<% end %>

In the stimulus controller when submitStart we display a hint text Saving ... and when submitEnd we display a text Saved.

// form_controller.js

import { Controller } from "@hotwired/stimulus"

export default class extends Controller {
  static targets = ["hint"]

  submitStart(event) {
    this.hintTarget.textContent = "Saving ..."

    for (var element of event.target.elements) {
      element.setAttribute("disabled", "")

  submitEnd() {
    this.hintTarget.textContent = "Saved."

  beforeRender(event) {
    setTimeout(() => { event.detail.resume() }, 1000)

After the changes are saved we redirect back to the same page, edit_product_path

# products_controller.rb

  def update

    redirect_to edit_product_path(@product)

This redirect will not perform a full page reload and it's handled by Turbo Drive. We can be able to Pause rendering and make some preparations before continuing. To do this we listen to turbo:before-render Global event to be notified when rendering is about to start. In this case, we pause rendering for 1 second to make sure the user can see a Saved. text before rendering happens and the text is cleared.

 // form_controller.js

  beforeRender(event) {
    setTimeout(() => { event.detail.resume() }, 1000)